Welcome to the Who are you go away stoopidstoopidstoopid noob WikiEdit

hoo ru go away stoopid n00b


Get rekt brian n00b

eny waye BRIAN is soo stoopid. he has his seet taken by Notbrian evry sigru day. he is soo stoopid stoopidstoopidstoopidstoopidstoopidstoopid noob who are u go away stoopidstoopidstoopid noob go die in a whole u n00b I hope u get 360 noscoped by ur mum gg 2mlg4u Christian chingchongchang I sent the ggg squad after hime and i was in the mlg chair so his KKK squad thought I was shean so I had ggg squad leadre kill them all and put the body ashes into golf holes and I was all "gg n00b" 2day we meeet brian kool kids klass. he is stoopid the n00b meeet the mlg creatoe, mlg pro award quickscoping champion mlg pro, [citation needed], CHRISTIAN n00b

see, this lenny face guy, he so stoopid like brina. one day he... reed the page stoopid noob. heer noob.

who are you

im notbrian

he is soo stoopiddd

Later that gayeme:

Mr.Booty man drank sum mlg moutain dew and got high. He then 360,000,000 noscopes the scrubs from the other side of the map. GG, he types in the chat. Get rekt noobs.


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