the fite me bro battles took place in the 1666's. it allllll started with the mountain dew "accident". i kno bcuz I was there dumbas cheky sun. eny way

duinrg this, ther was dis guy call bill cosby

he was a poor poor poor porr porp orporp rpro pror poor man who was poor, and on top of that was poor. Later in his educationalnessless life, he became poor once again as he was always poor. one day when he was waking on the streets he met up with a stoopid litle kidd called bill cosby jr. coincidentally. im not bulshitting u look it up stoopid kid, and sed kid ur now my son wow gg. the kid was like fuk no but then as he was abducted and bill cosbyafied he turned into his slow, but sure son (he was so estoopid) by the time he was 18 out of school, he could already sing his shoobidydoobidies fowards. as he was notstoopid clearly, he went out 2 be a doctor. he doctored and then oper8d on the the president, known by the tiem as john F abraham lincoln. he oper8d and then he put a toomor into his brane. he then went 2 a threateereere and got quikskoped in the bak of the head by a cheeky cunt now known 2 the world as john booooooth.

the start of the im not stoopid riots took place during the 666th hour of the 666th month of the -2 year in 1668. the riots raised the stock merkets 2 look like this

666 = satan












eny way during this was bciuz biilll cosby junior was getting quickscoped by the werld was geting mad and then he installed hax becuz he was a raging little blak... adult. then he turned estoopid as his dad turned himself white with paint as