The mlg drink Moutain dew started in norhter florida in mlgville when 2 hillbilly rednecks got some goat piss some acid and beer put it all together and BOOM u get an MLG drink. Their names were Bill Cosby Junior (Co founder of ggg squad) and Bill Cosby (founder of KKK) they told many people about it and they were amazed on this new invention of MLGness. But Bill cosby and Bill Cosby jr got into a fight on who should be the TRUE fonder and then B.C jr tried to 360noscope him but shot the President instead and thus the kkk and the ggg wars began. enyway, the ggg squad always drinks mountain dew as thier traditional drink so who knows who the real founder. GOD DONT ASK ME IM JUST THE WRITER OF THIS PAGE UGH READ A BOOK A BOUT IT GET A LIFE GOD.

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