Bill Cosby jr is the forgotten sun of Bill cosby and havent seen each other since the mountain dew inceident of 1976. bill cosby jr was secretly adopted by bill cosby in the year 1890. (i dont give a fuck if its wrong u cant stop me bitch who knows how old this n00b is) enyway he was abused throught his childhood and the only word he could say was shoboobity. by the age opf 18 he went to kindergarden and his teacher was Bill cosby senior (co co founder of kkk) and faking hated Bill cosby jr. After he invented mt dew with his dad in wat ever the fuk that shitty ass town was and the became famous then blah blah blah read the mountain dew page to see wat happens. then the kkk and the ggg wars began and they all got rekt.