evry day he be liek "i smoke weed evry day christian ogm y u no

his favorite werd iz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °) cuz he so stoopid


listen christianchristianchirsnitantsirntsint


sinritnsintsrin fuk u ogm noob"

Blazing it

he poke evry sekon

btw grgtgtgtga I gotta make 499 more robots for him

day 1: he won't lt me go home hlep me

day 666: mum pls hepl I hanvent seen eny light except for the computer for 666 years heeelp

day 1337: brian had a friend over, Notbrian and i hat(e) him. stoopid n00bs

ogm hepl me ogmogmogogmg I think I do not have mucho lomnger ogm help he stoopid he say the SONG OGM SO KEOOL worst mlg friends with christian chingchongchang is leader of the KKK squad not mlg got a 360,000,000,000,000 noscope head shot with 666 ping while fighting the ggg squad is a n00b wants 666 robots every 666 seconds is stoopid calls everyone else a n00b lives on moutain dew and doritos ISIS-tooopid

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